Anti-Islamization is a legitimate Political Movement Worldwide and has been since Mohammed slaughtered people.

676To whom this may concern,

Re:  Islamaphobia – I find this term insulting, offensive, unproductive and patronising. It isn’t a mental illness, we are not against the race of anyone and we most certainly are not all Nazi’s.  Many of us are feminists, humanitarian concerned citizens who don’t believe in the way religion separates people into different groups who each think they have the answer to unanswerable questions. Many of us believe in the oneness of humanity and just want religious people to transcend their differences. My preference is for people to renounce religion and find spirituality by embracing unity with all souls.  Anti-Islamization has been a pursuit for many since Mohammed promoted his antagonistic ideology in the 7th century. Since 9/11 Islam has been a polarizing headline issue in Europe, the US and Australia.

Islamic regimes have been warring, abusing women, irrationally, executing people prolifically denying human rights, promoting paedophilia and rape in the Middle East and Asia. Islam is growing into the Western World confronting us with a twisted morality that doesn’t sit comfortably.  We’ve witnessed ‘no go’ zones, riots, demanding rallies for sharia in Europe, terrorism regularly in the media. War in the Middle East and Afghanistan has been apparent all our lives and it’s often Sunni against Shia or muslims trying to force their sharia on others. So we have read the Koran, the Sira and hadith trying to understand the cause of the problem.  The terrorism continued, anti-democracy rallies by angry Pakistani’s and huge turn outs in Chechnya, extreme violence against non-Islamic people in Africa continues.

Mohammed the prophet of Islam was a filthy dirty perverted paedophile and mass murderer. Islam calls for men to follow in the way of the prophet, the sunna.  On facebook we see child abuse in Islamic schools, the stoning to death of innocent helpless women, we watched them dying and suffering. We saw babies, precious children shot, men ripping their heads off playing with the entrails of little toddlers before our eyes, mass beheadings, shootings, bashing to death, the details, burning people alive, innocent teenagers, beautiful young women and men crucified and thrown off buildings.

We know there are many people in the separate elitist Islamist community who see themselves as spiritually superior and want Islamic law in Australia. The mosques and Islamic schools are of key importance to this alienating sub culture paid for by halal certification.  We don’t want schools to teach children to worship a paedophile or men in our community so arrogantly knowing they are getting away with this subversive behaviour maintaining their misogynistic mentality expanding their immoral ummah.  If you don’t engage with anti-Islamists intelligently with respect we will keep fighting to be heard. We know the stakes – the aging population, the value of halal and the fact that renouncing religion to become more spiritually connected is really a good deal. Islam is international ongoing evil we know it and we also know that there are countries like Japan, China, Angola and even Egypt who have taken steps to abolish or temper Islam. Don’t patronise us we are not just a bunch of idiots.

In good faith,

Ruth Frances Graham.